Kenzie Chasteen

Student Scholar

My name is Kenzie Chasteen and I was born and raised in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. Since leaving this area to attend university at UNC I have taken a cumulative 10 months working and volunteering in rural communities abroad, one is West Africa and the other in Southeast Asia. During these I volunteered in clinical settings but also went into rural communities as a Maternal Child Health intern and Public Health officer for an NGO. Gleaning from these experiences I have grown to love the practice of long-term investment in primary care especially in remote regions. My nursing specialty is still undecided, but I hope to continue my education in a duel focus midwifery and family practice NP program. My goal is to equip myself to commit to a community in hopes to grow relationally with my patients and serve to provide multigenerational care. 

When I am not in pursuit of my education I spend my time exploring my local area through running, taking backpacking trips to the mountains, reading and attempting to master the culinary arts. I am very thankful for my nearly five nears spent in Chapel Hill with my school and local church community. The time I have spent at UNC has taught me a lot about the cost and impact of investment in local community.