Project Purpose

The Invest in Nursing project seeks to invest in the development of a sustainable primary care nursing workforce to practice in community-based primary care teams in rural and underserved areas of North Carolina.

The overarching goals of this project are to:

  • Redesign the UNC BSN curricula to include innovative pedagogies that infuse the didactic and experiential learning environments with primary care, population health and interprofessional education (IPE)
  • Recruit and train a minimum of fifteen (15) UNC BSN students with additional competencies to practice on community-primary care teams following graduation
  • Develop practicing RN capacity to serve as preceptors and leaders in community-primary care by supporting ten (10) RNs from Piedmont Health Services, Inc. to complete the Primary Care Certificate Program
  • Develop faculty capacity to serve as leaders in community-based primary care by supporting fifteen (15) nursing faculty to complete the Primary Care Faculty Fellowship Program