The Invest in Nursing grant has had great success over the past three years in the partnership between UNC Chapel Hill School of Nursing and Piedmont Health Services, Inc., with three cohorts of Student Scholars from UNC Chapel Hill, and with three cohorts of Faculty Fellows from across the State of North Carolina. This program is a time-limited grant funded opportunity, provided by the Health Resources and Services Administration, and will no longer continue programming in this current iteration after the 2021-2022 cohort year. It is our hope that other educational entities will use Invest in Nursing as a blueprint for implementing similar programming. Reach Out

Student Scholar Testimonials

Hear what current Invest in Nursing Student Scholars say about our program.

“Being a part of the IIN project has grown me in many ways. Personally, I've grown in learning how to take initiative and ask for learning opportunities and how to confront and challenge my biases, for example. I was also able to improve transferrable clinical skills. For example, I got a chance to practice the skills of an MA in the clinic (vital signs, EKG, POCT, I&O catheterization, phlebotomy, IM injections). I also got to do skills related specifically to primary care, like non-stress tests/prenatal care, well-child checkups and minor outpatient procedures.”

- Current IIN Student Scholar
On their professional development and skills building acquired in the program

“My experience has been wonderful in that I truly feel that the faculty and preceptors have been invested in my learning and growth as a nursing student. I have always seen them strive for more opportunities for me to learn from, and everyone is incredibly caring, experienced, and understanding of what it means to be a nursing student.”

- Current IIN Student Scholar
On their experience working with our community partner, Piedmont Health

“This program offers something completely unique to the traditional BSN clinical rotations, and that is to have personal interactions with the patients in the clinic, and the ability to interact with and receive feedback from the various professions that operate in a community health center.”

- Current IIN Student Scholar
On their participation in the Student Scholars program and community clinical experience