The Invest in Nursing grant has had great success over the past three years in the partnership between UNC Chapel Hill School of Nursing and Piedmont Health Services, Inc., with three cohorts of Student Scholars from UNC Chapel Hill, and with three cohorts of Faculty Fellows from across the State of North Carolina. This program is a time-limited grant funded opportunity, provided by the Health Resources and Services Administration, and will no longer continue programming in this current iteration after the 2021-2022 cohort year. It is our hope that other educational entities will use Invest in Nursing as a blueprint for implementing similar programming. Reach Out


Nurse Preceptors

Primary Care RN Certificate Program

This collaborative training program is designed to promote academic-practice success through building RN preceptor capacity through completion of the Primary Care RN Certificate Program.

We intend to support professional development of a total of ten RNs in the region through our Primary Care Certificate Program, which was established in 2017 in response to requests from partner agencies in the region for specific post baccalaureate training for RNs to prepare them for work in primary care settings.

Program Description: This program is designed to prepare a Registered Nurse to work primary care in an ambulatory care setting. This five-module program is a self-paced program (50 Contact Hours) that reviews common practice and patient issues in contemporary primary care settings and incorporates how changes to patient care delivery systems impact RN practice. The course describes the role of the RN in preventative care, quality and safety, and basic primary care skills. Educational, legal and ethical issues and interprofessional collaboration are also included in these modules. This broad overview of the primary care setting will help RNs currently working in acute or long term care settings to become familiar with primary care terminology, concepts and basic skills.

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Preceptor Role

Nursing preceptors assist and guide nursing students as they gain and practice clinical skills through internship training and capstone projects. Preceptors play a critical role in supporting and orienting students to community-based primary care centers. Participation in the Invest in Nursing Primary Care RN Certificate Program will prepare participating RNs to serve as preceptors and mentors for the participating students.


PHS Registered Nurses can access Invest in Nursing related materials by visiting the Sakai site.

Tips for the RN Primary Care Certificate Program


  1. Contact the Friday Center immediately with Sakai issues. Sometimes it is as easy as resetting your password.   Here is the link for password resets: Enter your email address and click the “Send Password” button.
  2. The exams are an open book, and you can access each exam multiple times. Also, some students prefer to print the exam questions and later enter your answers.  Also, you can save the answers to questions by clicking the ‘save’ button on the bottom of the test page and ‘exit’ to leave the exam.  Once you are ready to submit a test for grading, select the ‘submit for grading’ button.
  3. Read each question carefully for keywords or phrases, and read all the answers. Then review the topic in the textbook and re-read the question/answers again.
  4. If you make a score of less than 80% on a module exam, you will have to retake the test. Contact the instructor Dr. Jennie Wagner at (, to have your exam reset and the retake fee waived.
  5. If you have a change of address or email, please contact Kathy Morgan at the Friday Center (Kathy Morgan at
  6. If you have any questions about the Primary Care Certificate course, please feel free to contact your instructor: Dr. Jennie Wagner, (919) 966-0579, email: